Frequently asked questions


ForteBella Stone

What is the makeup of ForteBella Stone?

100% high quality all natural minerals such as quartz, sand, feldspar, and glass. (No resins or binders)

How is ForteBella Stone made?

Natural minerals are pressed under tons of pressure and fired up to 2300 °. Sintering these natural minerals into one solid mass creating ForteBella Stone.

What is Sintering?

Sintering happens naturally over thousands of years or mechanically in minutes. It’s the process of creating one solid mass from natural minerals, transformed under extreme pressure and heat. ForteBella Stone is the result of new advanced mechanical sintering technology.

Is ForteBella Stone a Sintered surface?

Yes, ForteBella Stone manufactured by mechanically sintering natural minerals.

Is ForteBella Stone a Porcelain surface?

Yes, ForteBella Stone is also porcelain as it’s manufactured using similar sintering processes as porcelain tile. However, ForteBella Stone produced with higher quality natural minerals, under more extreme heat, pressure, with rigid quality control standards and the most advanced sintering technology in the industry.

Will ForteBella Stone Burn?

No, ForteBella Stone will not burn as is cured up to 2300° Degrees, Making it ideal for the architectural hard surface.

Will ForteBella Stone stain?

ForteBella Stone is highly stained resistant. Most stubborn marks can be removed with a diluted alkaline cleaner & MR. Clean Magic Eraser.

Is ForteBella Stone chemical resistant?

Yes, ForteBella Stone can be cleaned with any residential or light industrial cleaners and chemicals. Corrosive acids can come into contact with ForteBella Stone for short periods of time without causing damage. However, it’s highly recommended to rinse these type of chemicals from ForteBella Stone as soon as possible.

Will ForteBella Stone Scratch?

ForteBella Stone is highly scratch resistant? You can use most residential and light industrial scrubbing pads on ForteBella Stone without a problem. However, ForteBella Stone is not gouged proof and can be damaged by ceramic tools & knives.

Is ForteBella Stone suitable for exterior use? 

Yes, ForteBella Stone is UV resistant and thermal shock proof, making it an ideal surface for exterior applications.

Does ForteBella Stone require Tension relief cutting?

No, ForteBella Stone does not require “tension” relief cutting like other Sintered or Ultra Compact surfaces, saving time and money.

Do the polished ForteBella Stone finishes have a coating?

No, ForteBella Stone is mechanically polished like quartz or natural stone slab. Similar products with glass or other polish coatings tend to have more edge chipping issues.

Can ForteBella Stone be cut on a bridge saw?

Yes, ForteBella Stone 12mm can be handled like a regular stone slab.

Do you need special tooling?

Investing in the proper tooling will provide the best results. Tools manufactured for the use of Sintered and Ultra Compact stones are best. Porcelain blades and tools will work fine but do not offer the same longevity as Sintered or Ultra Compact products. Consult your tooling supplier.

Can ForteBella Stone be dry cut?

Shop fabrication must be done wet. Though, ForteBella Stonef is a tension reduced product. It does have a level of tension that must be considered like any other stone. Wet cutting and polishing will produce the best results and prevents costly damage.

Can ForteBella Stone be field cut?

Wet cutting always recommended. However, when water is not available in the field, ForteBella Stone can be dry cut with the proper tooling.

Can you stack/laminate ForteBella Stone?

Yes, 12mm ForteBella Stone can be stacked and laminated.

Do you need a sub-deck for ForteBella Stone?

Yes, a solid sub deck is required with ForteBella Stone 12mm tops. 6mm ForteBella Stone is not recommended for countertop surfaces.

Can ForteBella Stone be water jet?

Yes, water jet cutting ForteBella Stone is highly encouraged but not required.

What size/thickness of ForteBella Stone is available?

Slab Size: 126” x 63”

Thicknesses Available: 6mm (1/4”) & 12mm (1/2”)

Finishes Available: Polished and Mate (Honed)