ForteBella Stone

Introducing ForteBella Stone the future of stone products now available to the single & multi-family home builders.  See its beauty and discover it's strength.

ForteBella Stone


ForteBella Sintered Stone

  The most over looked space in a home is the restroom. Yet it can distinguish one home from the next in a very dramatic and profitable fashion. But these spaces must meet the style, design and technical demands of today’s home buyers. Enter FORTEBELLA Sintered Stone. A cutting edge trending product that provides the aesthetics, value and functionality today's consumers are looking for.   

Perfect for Bathrooms

  FORTEBELLA “Strong Beauty”, a perfect name for a product that is manufactured from 100% high-quality all natural materials and no harmful chemicals, resins or binders.  These natural minerals are processed using state of the art European manufacturing technology. Creating a product with technical & aesthetic advantages not found in other surfaces. And perfect for today's demanding bathroom applications.

Problem Solved

  Today’s builder is dealing with many construction challenges. One of which is accessing a hard surface product with little to NO maintenance issues for interior applications. Without sacrificing value and aesthetics along the way. BDS addresses this issue with FORTEBELLA Stone which provides a high end, technically superior product at builder friendly price points.  

ForteBella Stone Advantages

  • VOC Free
  • 100% fully recyclable
  • Highly Scratch Resistant
  • Burn & Scorch Proof: Surface will not burn
  • Manufactured from 100% All Natural Minerals: No resin binders
  • Freeze and Thaw proof: Safe for exterior weather exposure
  • UV Stable: Can be used for exterior walls, fireplaces etc., color will not fade
  • Thermal Shock Resistant: Will not fracture due to extreme  temperature changes (interior or exterior)
  • Impervious surface: Will not absorb or let moisture pass through like some stones or grout.
  • Mold and Mildew resistant:  ForteBella Sintered Stone will not harbor bacteria
  • Chemical resistant: Will not etch or burn from harsh cleaning chemicals
  •  Lightweight: With the proper setting materials this lightweight slab puts less strain on the installer making it easier to handle and set in place.